I.E. Accelerator

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Accelerator (I.E. Accelerator) will be a catalyst for economic growth furthering entrepreneurship and small business expansion while creating more innovation. By creating a space that allows access to high-end technology for our budding entrepreneurs to utilize, we will be helping them to start on new paths to diversify their businesses. With 3D printers and scanners, laser cutters, CNC machining, Mac and PC computer labs, we will be setting up the foundation of a successful makerspace that fully supports our entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs will be able to do small batch production on the equipment to produce items to sell for their business. By having multiple classes, some free noncredit and some credit classes from San Bernardino Valley College, along with workshops, community members will be exposed to many more career pathways and skill sets. This will impact our community in a significant way. The I.E. Accelerator will be a hub of economic and entrepreneurial growth.

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