Our Team

  • Ashley E. Gaines
    Executive Director
    I am passionate about entrepreneurship and STEAM. I love that we are creating a makerspace in San Bernardino. I hope to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Inland Empire through our initiatives.
  • Brittany Sysawang
    Assistant Manager
    Hi I’m Brittany Sysawang ,  a goal getter from the IE (Inland Empire) . I love that I am able to give back to the community with my heart on my sleeve and resources that I am able to receive.
  • Tayte Olma
    Project Evaluator
    It is my belief that the more we know about ourselves, our needs, and our collective vision for the future, the more successful we will be in promoting positive community and economic growth in San Bernardino and the greater region.
  • Eric Mejia
    Resource Development Specialist
    I’ve worn a lot of hats in my life: Salesman, Entertainer, Recreation Leader, Actor, Masseur, Event Planner, Teacher, Television Producer, National Service Volunteer, Realtor, Loan Officer, and Resource Developer but the hat I prefer most says,
  • Budget Management
  • Justice Juarez
    I am a student at San Bernardino Valley College. My major is Sociology and I plan on using that degree to be a social worker. Working at EDCT Foundation helps me gain skills in areas I may or may not be familiar with which will help me in my career. I look forward to the growth of the foundation and the growth in myself as an employee.
  • Melissa Ibarra
    As a student studying business administration at San Bernardino Valley College I make it my mission to never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know. Now it’s my responsibly to increase the knowledge in the community through marketing and Outreach.
  • Pablo Treto


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